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16 Great Beaches in San Antonio (& Nearby)

When you think of San Antonio, Texas, beaches are probably not the first thing that comes to mind. Granted, this landlocked town is hours away from the ocean, but there are still plenty of beaches in San Antonio for you to explore thanks to the other gorgeous bodies of water in the area.

While it is true, San Antonio is one of the top cities to visit in the United States, most people visit San Antonio for great nightlife, state parks, and great food. Few people realize that there are so many fun beaches in San Antonio and nearby!

We are talking some fabulous Texas lakes, natural springs, fun swimming holes, and, yes, even ocean beach destinations that are within an easy drive of San Antonio!

So grab your sunscreen, take a deep breath of the fresh air, and enjoy a day trip to all of the top beaches that are in the San Antonio area.

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    San Antonio Beaches Within a One Hour Drive

    Comal Park

    Comal Park beach is one of the best beaches in San Antonio for sure.

    Located on the beautiful Canyon Lake, Comal Park is only about a 50 minute drive from downtown San Antonio, making this a quick and easy trip.

    The beach here has several amenities including the sandy beach and is clean and well maintained, making it a great place to relax and unwind.

    Enjoy swimming here before building a fire in the fire pits and eating on the picnic tables.

    Expert Tip

    Be sure and bring your umbrella and sunscreen when you visit as there is little to no shade to be found at this park.

    Recommended Hotel Near Comal Park

    For great water views and lots of accommodation options, consider staying at Canyon Lakeview Resort.

    You can explore all of the accommodation options near Canyon Lake here.

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    Canyon Overlook Park

    Another one of the great beaches in San Antonio is Canyon Overlook Park.

    Located close to Comal Park on Canyon Lake, but with a completely different vibe, Canyon Park is located on the west side of the lake.

    The rocky beach opens up to the beautiful blue water of Canyon Lake allowing for the perfect place to spend an afternoon.

    Follow the small trail to the beach, but note that Canyon Park doesn’t off too many amenities, so bring what you need for the day.

    Head to a boat ramp to launch your boat to enjoy a day out on the water while visiting this beach near San Antonio!

    Expert Tip

    Be sure to wear a good pair of tennis shoes to walk the trail from the parking area to the park.

    Recommended Hotel Near Canyon Overlook Park

    There are loads of great places to stay around Canyon Lake, including chain hotels and individually run rental properties. Check out all of the Canyon Lake accommodations!

    Guadalupe River State Park

    Guadalupe River

    Guadalupe River State Park is one of the fabulous state parks near San Antonio and is also super close to Austin!

    This is one of the beaches in San Antonio that is a unique and fun experience.

    Located inside of the state park is a four mile stretch of beach along the Guadalupe River frontage.

    The beautiful canyons on one side and the beach on the other, make this a gorgeous area to enjoy a day at the beach.

    You can kayak, swim, go fishing, or just enjoy a day of lounging around during your visit.

    Of course, inside the state park, you can go camping, hiking, horseback riding, biking, tubing, and more.

    Expert Tip

    You definitely want to wear water shoes at these San Antonio beaches as the pebbled beach here is a little rough on the feet sometimes.

    Recommended Hotel Near Guadalupe River State Park

    If you don’t want to camp in Guadalupe River State Park, don’t worry there are many choice close by. The Hampton Inn in Bulverde is probably the closest, but you can also check out the hotels near Canyon Lake as it is close also.

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    Jacob’s Creek Park

    Another Canyon Lake park, Jacob’s Creek is located a little farther north.

    Jacob’s Creek Park allows you to drive up close to the beach area, making this an easy access park for you to enjoy.

    We love that it has a designated area to swim in and that there are some nice spots to enjoy a picnic from.

    The sandy beach is truly a great place to spend the day.

    While here, you can also take a little hike around the area if you are interested.

    Expert Tip

    Be sure to get here early in the summer as this park fills up quickly.

    Best Beaches Within a Two Hour Drive of San Antonio

    Hamilton Pool

    Hamilton Pool in Texas

    Hamilton Pool is one of the most popular swimming holes in Texas. One visit here and you easily understand why.

    The unique swimming hole and beach is not only fun to visit, but it is also an absolutely gorgeous place!

    The beautiful natural waterfall is one of the best waterfalls in Texas. Combine that with the grotto like atmosphere make you feel like you have escaped from Texas all together.

    Although the beach area here is small, it still deserved a place on our list of beaches in San Antonio as it is truly one of the best places to visit in Texas!

    Be sure to wear some sturdy shoes as the swimming area is a bit of a walk from the parking area and you may want to explore the hiking trails.

    Hamilton Pool does a great job of controlling the amount of people in the park, so be sure to make a reservation in advance if you plan to visit.

    Expert Tip

    Take heed of the warning signs in the area that advise of the designated swimming area. This is very important as water levels can be affected during times of extreme rain or drought. Also note that there are no concession in the park.

    Recommended Hotel Near Hamilton Pool

    If you are wanting to stay near Hamilton Pool, consider staying at the Lakeway Resort & Spa.

    Explore all hotels near Hamilton Pool here.

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    Jacob’s Well Beach

    Another of the best swimming holes in Texas that is located near San Antonio is Jacob’s Well.

    This fully submerged cave in Texas is set on over 80 acres of beautiful Texas Hill Country land, making it a fabulous place for you to spend the day.

    Jacob’s Well is a natural spring fed swimming area that is one of the most unique cave systems in the Lone Star State.

    This popular swimming hole fills up fast, so be sure to make your reservation in advance, especially in the summer months.

    Visit their website for the most up to date information on hours and to make your reservations.

    Expert Tip

    Bring everything you need for the day when visiting Jacob’s Well and wear some sturdy walking shoes as you will be walking on natural terrain to get to the swimming area.

    Recommended Hotel Near Jacob’s Well

    Wimberley offers several choices for accommodations and has several fun things to do!

    Shop for Wimberley accommodations here.

    Blue Hole Park Beach

    Blue Hole river and trees

    Another fun place in Wimberley is Blue Hole Park. As another of the top swimming holes in Texas, we had to include this on our list of beaches near San Antonio.

    Granted, this is not a classic beach, but it does have beautiful shores to lounge around on while you enjoy a day swimming in the cool spring fed waters.

    The park offers a fun rope swing, miles of hike and bike trails, volleyball courts, a playground, and more.

    Like the other popular Texas swimming holes, you need to make a reservation if you plan to visit. Be sure to check out the Blue Hole website for operating hours, fees, and to make reservations.

    Recommended Hotel Near Blue Hole Park Beach

    Wimberley is the perfect place to stay while visiting Blue Hole Park! Shop for Wimberley accommodations here.

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    North Padre Island

    A trip to North Padre Island is just over a 2.5 hour drive from San Antonio.

    Located close to Corpus Christi, North Padre Island is much closer to San Antonio than South Padre Island, making this an easy trip from the downtown area.

    This area offers great beaches, bird watching, and some beautiful sand dunes.

    The expansive sandy beaches of Padre Island National Seashore here are perfect for a day of strolling along the shores of the Gulf Coast, or just lounging around listening to the surf.

    The island’s shoreline is also a great place to try your hand at some fishing if you are interested.

    Recommended Hotel Near North Padre Island

    Corpus Christi offer the greatest amount of accommodations for your visit to North Padre Island. Check out your accommodations options to be near Padre Island National Seashore here.

    Beaches Near San Antonio-2+ Hour Drive

    Mustang Island State Park

    birds at ocean

    You will find Mustang Island State Park located about 2.5 hours from San Antonio.

    As one of the fabulous beaches in Texas, this is one of the beaches near San Antonio that give you all of the beach vibes that you are craving.

    The miles of shoreline at Mustang Island offer the perfect tropical atmosphere and the white sand dunes give you a great escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

    Expert Tip

    In addition to a great day at the beach, Mustang Island State Park offers great calm waters with miles of paddling trails. This is also a great area to try some shallow water fishing for all of my fishing fans reading.

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    Rockport Beach


    Another beach that is near Corpus Christi, Rockport Beach is located about 2 hours and 40-minutes from San Antonio.

    This area offers miles of beaches for visitors to enjoy. The warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico make this one of the fabulous quick beach getaways.

    This is one of the beaches near San Antonio that is a great place to try surfing, jet skiing, or paddle boarding on the Gulf Coast.

    Set up a game of beach volleyball or try out windsurfing or parasailing if you are feeling extra active during your visit.

    Why not find the perfect beach house rental and make a weekend of it?!

    Corpus Christi

    aerial view of Corpus Christ water, boats and buildings

    The coastal tow of Corpus Christi is located just over a 2-hour drive from San Antonio.

    As one of the fun beaches near San Antonio, Corpus Christi’s North Beach is located within walking distance to many of the attractions in Corpus and North Beach is a popular hangout!

    Don’t miss Whitecap Beach for an opportunity to bask in the Texas sun.

    The Corpus Christi Bay area is home to the USS Lexington, the Texas State Aquarium and more.

    The Texas State Aquarium is a fabulous coastal city aquarium that has loads of aquatic creatures for you to check out!

    In addition, there are several beaches in the area and the protected waters of Laguna Madre which are perfect for bird watching and paddle boarding.

    Expert Tip

    Make your visit to Corpus Christi a weekend getaway in Texas to truly explore the city. There is such a rich history and so much to do in this area. You definitely don’t want to miss the USS Lexington!

    Recommended Hotel Near Corpus Christi

    Corpus Christi offers great hotels and rental properties. Some of our top recommendations are the Aloft Corpus Christi, the Embassy Suites, and the Omni Hotel.

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    Surfside Beach

    Granted most of the beaches in San Antonio proper are located on the rivers and lakes of the area. So, to get the ocean vibes, we have to talk about beaches near San Antonio instead.

    Another of the best beaches near San Antonio is Surfside Beach. Located near Galveston Island and Lake Jackson, Surfside Beach is about 3 hours and 45-minutes from San Antonio, so this beach is a bit more of a commitment.

    Surfside Beach is one of the beaches in San Antonio that offers a long stretch of sandy beach, perfect for an afternoon stroll on the beach.

    Expert Tip

    Surfside Beach is a fun little community that offers rentals on all of the things that you need for a fun day at the beach.

    Recommended Hotel Near Surfside Beach

    There are many rental units in Surfside Beach that are perfect for your vacation here! Explore all of the accommodations in Surfside Beach.

    Port Aransas

    sand dunes by ocean with the sun setting

    Port Aransas is one of our favorite Texas small towns.

    This fabulous South Texas town is one of the best beaches in San Antonio thanks to the 18 miles of sand shores that you will find here.

    The warm coastal waters are perfect for swimming, and the sandy beaches make for a great place to spend the day.

    Like most of the other coastal towns, there is also so much to do in Port Aransas.

    Water activities include windsailing, parasailing, fishing, and surfing.

    One of the popular beaches here is Rockport Beach, a great place to swim and hang out.

    You can also visit San Jose Island while in the area. San Jose Island is a barrier island in the Gulf of Mexico that is a great place to find seashells.

    You have to take a ferry to get to San Jose Island, but once you do, San Jose Island is boasts pristine beaches and nature galore!

    While the town of Port Aransas has some great restaurants and fun bars for you to enjoy as well.

    Recommended Hotel Near Port Aransas

    Lucky for you, there are loads of places to stay in Port Aransas. One of our favorites is Plantations Suites and Conference Center.

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    Galveston Island

    Galveston Island has to be on your list of beaches in San Antonio!

    This charming barrier island is a great place to spend a weekend as it is about a four hour drive from San Antonio, so load up and head out on a little Texas road trip for this one.

    Jamaica Beach is a popular beach in Galveston. You will find Jamaica Beach located on the west side of the island just past the state park.

    Jamaica Beach is a great place to spend the day. Jamaica Beach offers many amenities and tends to be less crowded than some of the other Galveston beaches.

    In addition to some of the best beaches in Texas, Galveston Island also offers loads of things to do.

    Take time to enjoy the rides on Galveston’s Pleasure Pier before exploring the aquarium and other attractions at Moody Gardens.

    Recommended Hotel Near Galveston Island

    We love visiting Galveston and find ourselves there several times a year. In addition to the great condos, Galveston also has some fabulous hotels.

    A few of our favorites are the Hotel Galvez, the Tremont House, and the San Luis Resort.

    Matagorda Bay

    A trip to Matagorda Bay from San Antonio takes about 3.5 hours. That means that this is one of the beaches in San Antonio that you can easily turn into a fun overnight getaway.

    This is one of the best beaches for camping as you can set up camp right on the sand.

    Of course, you can also enjoy jet skiing, swimming, fishing, and loads of other aquatic activities during your time at this beach near San Antonio.

    Expert Tip

    Many people search for old Spanish coins here as it is said that gold washed ashore here from a Spanish ships year ago. Good luck! Maybe you will find some.

    Recommended Hotel Near Matagorda Bay

    South Padre Island

    South Padre Island is a bit of a commitment from San Antonio as it is located about a 4.5-hour drive from the city.

    Despite that, South Padre Island is truly one of the best beaches in Texas.

    This barrier island boasts loads of water sports including kitesurfing, windsurfing, and parasailing.

    In addition, you can also go fishing or do a fun dolphin watching tour.

    You can make a visit to Boca Chica State park while here as well if you truly want to experience stretches of sandy beaches in Texas.

    Recommended Hotel Near South Padre Island

    Like the other beach towns, there are many choices for accommodations on South Padre Island. We recommend looking at Hilton Garden Inn or the Isla Grand Beach Resort.

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