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Great Lavender Fields in Texas and Lavender Festivals to Visit

While everyone associates the great state of Texas with the Texas bluebonnet, what if I told you that there are also some great lavender fields in Texas also?

The Texas Hill Country comes alive with fresh lavender during the spring and summer months, making for a fabulous weekend getaway in Texas.

This time of year also brings about lavender festivals!

Lucky for you, we have everything you need to know about Texas lavender farms, lavender festivals, and lavender fields in this post!

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When Is Lavender Blooming Season in Texas?

lavender fields in Texas

The lavender fields in Texas are in full bloom from May to July.

Lavender blooms love sun, and the dry climate, so summer is the best time to visit the lavender fields.

Thanks to the warm climate in Texas you can still visit the lavender fields in Texas well into September.

Of course, the type of lavender that the plant will have an impact on the blooming season.

There are several types of French lavender planted in the Texas lavender farms.

The dry soil and warm climate makes this lavender feel right at home.

The blooming season for the French lavender occurs between April and June.

There is another French variety of lavender planted in Texas that blooms from mid-July until September.

The colder climate of Northern Texas lends itself well to growing an English variety of lavender.

Lavender growers in southern and west Texas usually plant a Spanish lavender which blooms April to May.

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    North Texas Lavender Farms

    Lavender Ridge Farms

    There is only one lavender grower in North Texas that we are away of, and that is Lavender Ridge Farms.

    You will find Lavender Ridge Farms located about an hour north of Dallas, making it one of the great weekend getaways from Dallas!

    Plan your visit during the peak lavender season which occurs May-July at this local lavender field.

    This beautiful lavender farm allows you to cut your own fresh lavender during peak season.

    Not only that, but you can also pick your own herbs and flowers during your visit.

    After enjoying the two acres of lavender plants, take a visit to the Lavender Café that is on site to enjoy a lavender tea or lavender lemonade, and a lavender honey chicken salad.

    In addition to the café, Lavender Ridge Farm also offers a variety of Texas lavender products for sale in their gift shop.

    Here you can buy lavender soap, lavender room sprays, and more!

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    Lavender Fields in Texas Hill Country

    The Texas Hill Country is has optimal conditions for lavender plants.

    That is because the Texas Hill Country has a drier, more alkaline soil that lavender plants thrive in!

    This is one of the great Texas road trips to plan in the the summer when the lavender fields are in full bloom!

    Becker Vineyards and Lavender Farm

    Texas lavender fields

    Not only is Becker Vineyards one of the best wineries in Fredericksburg, but it is also one of the fabulous hill country lavender farms.

    A visit to Becker Vineyards and Lavender Farms allows visitors to do a wine tasting and then grab a glass of their favorite wine to sip while looking over the beautiful lavender fields.

    This is one of my favorite things to do in Fredericksburg, TX!

    The Spanish lavender plants at Becker Lavender Farms bloom in April and May, which is the perfect time to plan a Hill Country adventure as this is also Texas bluebonnet country!

    Visitors can purchase beautiful handmade lavender products from the Texas lavender plants during their visit.

    The Texas lavender products offered here include soaps, essential oils, lotions, shower gels, candles, and more. These make great souvenirs from Texas also!

    While you’re in the area, check out the small town of Johnson City, TX as well.

    It is full of Texas history!

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    Rough Creek Ranch and Lavender Farm

    lavender farms in Texas

    Rough Creek Lavender Fields is the located in Wimberly, Texas, one of the most charming Texas small towns you will visit!

    Not only is this the largest lavender farm in the Wimberley Valley, but it is also a working roping horse ranch.

    This aromatic lavender fields will make you feel as if you have been transported to another world.

    Enjoy strolling through their Texas lavender fields and pick your own lavender until your heart is content.

    Of course, the beautiful purple flowers make for a great picture as well, so take time to

    You can also purchase lavender products from this Texas Hill Country lavender field.

    The lavender products here include lip balm, bath salts, eye and neck pillows, and even dog shampoos!

    The blooming season is generally in its peak around June, so plan your visit in the early summer!

    Hill Country Lavender

    lavender products

    Hill Country Lavender is located in Blanco, Texas just outside of San Antonio in the Texas Hill Country.

    This boutique lavender grower is free to visit, so that is a nice treat!

    Here, you can walk through their fragrant rows of lavender.

    There are over 2,000 lavender plants spread out over 2.5 acres. This means that you are sure to find the perfect lavender fields for a great photo!

    If you wish, you can cut your own lavender at Hill Country Lavender while the lavender flowers are in season. This generally occurs mid-May through July.

    Of course, you can also visit the farm store to purchase the perfect lavender products.

    Hill Country Lavender’s farm store sells lavender bubble bath, linen spray, soaps, and more.

    The farm store is also available for online purchases.

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    Purple Cactus Lavender Farm

    Texas lavender farms and lavender festivals

    Another great lavender grower in the rolling hills of the Texas Hill Country is Purple Cactus.

    You will find the Purple Cactus located in the small town of Weimar, TX.

    Here, visitors are welcomed to come and enjoy walking in the gorgeous Texas lavender fields free of charge.

    Join them on a guided tour to learn more about lavender.

    The tours costs $5 and include a cool glass of lavender lemonade and a taste of one of their lavender confections.

    Once you have seen all of the work that goes into growing lavender, then I am sure you will want to visit their gift shop to purchase some fun lavender products.

    They have some fabulous culinary lavender for sale and, of course, many lavender bath products.

    Chappell Hill Lavender Farm

    Chappell Hill boasts gorgeous hillside views just outside of the small town of historic Chappell Hill, a part of the Texas Independence Trail.

    This south central Texas lavender farm prides itself on growing lavender that is perfect for cutting your own lavender and enjoying.

    Chappell Hill offers two different blooming seasons to enjoy, one in May/June and another at the end of July through September.

    In addition to the lavender, they also offer fruit trees that include peaches and figs.

    They also have blackberry bushes!

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    Lacey Farms

    Lacey Farms in Burton, TX is a grows lavender and is also a fabulous wedding venue all in one!

    What started as a labor of love has turned into a great commercial lavender farm.

    You can find many of their products at stores such as Kroger and Jade Company.

    Their beautiful products include lavender essential oils, sugar scrubs, bath salts, linen sprays, and more!

    Lavender Farms in West Texas

    Thistle Dew Lavender Farm

    Thistle Dew Lavender Farm started at one of West Texas’ local lavender farms.

    After planting, harvesting, and quickly harvesting his first bunches of lavender, the founders were quickly encouraged to keep planting and growing lavender.

    This farm, which is located just east of Lubbock, has over 2,500 lavender plants so it is a gorgeous sight during blooming season.

    As they plant Edelweiss and Grosso lavender, their blooming season occurs mid-May through June.

    The unique draw here is not only the incredible views, but the fabulous culinary products that they have created.

    Try out their lavender teas, bath products, and lavender spices.

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    Rockin’ H Lavender Farm

    Rockin’ H Lavender is located in the small town of Santa Anna, Texas.

    This husband and wife team have been growing lavender in their Texas lavender fields since 2014.

    They grow two different types of lavender at Rockin’ H, Spanish and Grosso.

    The Spanish lavender generally blooms from late April until the middle of May and the Grosso lavender blossoms from late May into the middle of June.

    Grosso lavender is a fabulous, fragrant lavender that produces dark blue flowers.

    This lavender is great for culinary use!

    Their Spanish lavender produces a dark purple flower that is super fragrant.

    These also make for great pictures as these lavender plants grow in a uniform fashion and are highly attractive to butterflies.

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    Best Lavender Festivals in Texas

    Blanco Lavender Festival

    lavender in a bucket at one of the Texas lavender festivals

    It only makes sense that the ‘Lavender Capital of Texas’ hosts a yearly festival celebrating all things lavender.

    Blanco, TX earned the title ‘Lavender Capital of Texas’ thanks to the original lavender farm in this area, Hill Country Lavender.

    Since its origination, there are now several lavender fields in Texas and, more specifically, in this area.

    The Blanco Lavender Festival generally occurs in mid-June.

    At the Blanco Lavender Festival, you can enjoy shopping at the lavender market for all things lavender! Products here range from lavender tea to lavender dog products.

    You can also live cooking demonstrations at this popular lavender festival.

    The demonstrations at the annual Blanco Lavender Festival will help you to learn how to use all of these spices and oils you bought from the lavender shop!

    Becker Vineyards Lavender Festival

    lavender field at a lavender festival in Texas

    Another annual festival is held at Becker Vineyards.

    This famous festival takes place the first weekend in May in Fredericksburg, Texas

    During your visit, you can stroll through the aromatic lavender farm and check out all of the incredible products that are produced in this area thanks to the dry climate and alkaline limestone soil.

    There are usually several information speakers on site that will help you to learn more about growing lavender and all of the benefits associated with lavender.

    In addition to all of this, there is always live music, many vendors, and a Lavender Luncheon paired with wine!

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    North Texas Lavender Festival

    Lavender has just started making its way into this area of Texas, but that didn’t stop a festival from immediately following!

    The North Texas Lavender Festival is hosted toward the end of June, when they lavender in this area is being harvested.

    Like other festivals, visitors can enjoy shopping for all things lavender and checking out the craft vendors and local artisans.

    This two day festival is a great outing and definitely one to add to your list of things to do in this area!

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