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The Best Wineries in Fredericksburg Texas

If you are looking for the best wineries in Fredericksburg, Texas then you are in the right place.

We love Fredericksburg, TX and visit this small town in Texas several times a year.

As the fifth-largest wine producer in the United States, Texas is quickly becoming a major player in the wine scene.

Given the fact that Fredericksburg, TX also offers loads of outdoor activities, a fun shopping scene, and some great food, it is no wonder that it made the list of top places to visit in Texas from US News.

While there are wineries throughout Texas, the largest concentration of wineries in one area is definitely in Fredericksburg, Texas. Fredericksburg, TX boasts 50 of the 100 wineries that are located in the Texas Hill County.

Whether traveling from Dallas, Austin, Houston, or San Antonio, you can arrive in Fredericksburg, Texas in just a few hours. This makes the German community of Fredericksburg easy for a weekend getaway in Texas.

Fredericksburg, Texas is known for providing Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc, Merlot, and Pinot Noir, but honestly, you can find all types of wine here.

That is one of the things that we love most about the Fredericksburg, Texas wineries, you are sure to find something that suits your style and taste!

With all the choices of wineries in Fredericksburg, Texas, it is easy to get overwhelmed.

That is where we come in. We were born and raised in Texas and still call it home, so we visit Fredericksburg, TX often (I mean, it is one of our favorite romantic getaways in Texas!)

I mean, it is one of my favorite places in Texas, and one of the top places to visit in Texas!

Not only that, but a good bottle of Texas wine is the perfect souvenir from Texas!

So, let’s get started exploring the Fredericksburg wineries!

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    A Little About Texas Wine

    Believe it or not, Texas has a thriving wine scene. There are eight AVA wine-growing regions in Texas.

    The first vineyard in the United States was actually in Texas. It’s true! It was established in 1662 near the border of Mexico and New Mexico. Now, Texas is home to more than 400 wineries.

    While Fredericksburg, Texas, and the Texas Hill Country are home to many vineyards, it is actually the Texas Panhandle and the Texas High Plains region that grows the majority of the grapes in Texas.

    The Hill Country does its part though. Heck, there are over 9 million acres in the Texas Hill Country alone, making Texas the second-largest certified Vinicultural Area in America.

    So, grab a glass and head out on a Texas wine tasting adventure during your time in Fredericksburg, TX.

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    When to Visit the Wineries in Fredericksburg, Texas

    While anytime is a good time to visit the wineries in Fredericksburg, there are definitely some pros to certain times of the year.

    Summer (June-September)

    The summer months, especially June and July, are pretty busy in Fredericksburg, Texas. There are several festivals taking place in Fredericksburg at this time, and there is an all-around fun vibe in the air.

    Just note, that this time of year in Fredericksburg is hot. So, if you aren’t used to that, or don’t like the heat, you might want to skip this time of year. If you do choose to brave the heat, you will probably want to do your tastings in the air conditioned tasting rooms.

    The harvest season occurs in Fredericksburg in August and September. So, if you would like to participate in the harvest festivities, this is a great time to visit the Fredericksburg, Texas wineries. Take note though, these are traditionally the hottest months in Texas, and I mean HOT!

    Fall (October-December)

    In October, the weather in Fredericksburg is milder and there are always festivals happening in Fredericksburg, Texas, including their famous Oktoberfest and the Fredericksburg, TX Food & Wine Fest. This is a great time to visit the Texas Hill Country, but it can get crowded, especially in the tasting rooms.

    Fredericksburg, TX is also great during the holiday season. From Thanksgiving to the New Year, Fredericksburg comes alive with Christmas lights, holiday decor galore, and special events.

    Again, this time of year in Fredericksburg can get crowded, especially since there are two wine trail events taking place. One is in October, the Texas Wine Month wine trail and one is in December, the Holiday Wine Trail.

    Winter (January-February)

    If you are looking to escape the crowds, then you should visit Fredericksburg in January and February. Visiting Fredericksburg, Texas during these months also means you can usually get better deals on lodging and shopping!

    Of course, the days around Valentine’s Day are the exception as everyone brings their sweetie out to Fredericksburg to do a wine tasting. There is also a wine trail taking place during February which will add to the congestion.

    In addition, there are very few festivals and events taking place in Fredericksburg this time of year, so if you want to do more than visit the wineries in Fredericksburg, then you might consider another time of year.

    Spring (March-May)

    My favorite time of year to visit Fredericksburg, TX is in the spring (March-May). Not only can you participate in the Texas wine tasting, but you can also see the beautiful Texas wildflowers blooming. The countryside of the Texas Hill Country comes alive with bluebonnets this time of year, and I LOVE IT!

    Thanks to all of the wildflowers blooming, there is a Wildflower wine trail that takes place this time of year!

    Not only that, but the temperatures are mild during the spring in the Texas Hill Country. This makes the outdoor patio of the wineries in Fredericksburg, TX so much more enjoyable!

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    How Do I Get to Fredericksburg

    Getting to Fredericksburg , Texas is actually quite easy. The closest airport to Fredericksburg, TX is the San Antonio Airport (SAT) which is about 57 miles away. The Austin Airport (AUS) is about 73 miles away.

    We highly recommend that you rent a car for your time in Fredericksburg. The Texas Hill Country does not have the best public transportation system. Not only that but having a car will allow you to get out of the city and explore other attractions in Fredericksburg.

    Driving from Austin to Fredericksburg is one of the fun Texas road trips if you are interested in that!

    Best Fredericksburg, Texas Wineries

    Now, let’s get to the reason you are here, to discuss the best wineries in Fredericksburg, Texas.

    Honestly, I hate making a “best of” list. I feel like the best of something is so subjective.

    I mean, you might only like sweet wine while someone else only likes dry wine. That will mean that your “best of” lists will be vastly different.

    So with that in mind, I am going to give you the wineries that I think are the best wineries in Fredericksburg, Texas, and then tell you about each one to see if it appeals to you.

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    Grape Creek Vineyards and Winery

    Grape Creek Vineyards and Winery is one of the Fredericksburg, Texas wineries that not only rewards you with great wine, it also offers a fabulous outdoor area overlooking the vineyards.

    Grape Creek Vineyards prides itself as being “Tuscany in Texas.” I must admit, I agree.

    Upon entering Grape Creek’s Fredericksburg winery estate, you notice that the driveway is flanked with beautiful, tall Italian Cypress trees. I mean, these trees just scream Tuscany (trust me, I’ve been to Tuscany).

    When you combine these gorgeous Italian Cypress trees with the 100 acres of vineyards that Grape Creek Vineyards and Winery operates, you will quickly feel like you have been transported to Italy as well.

    This is just one of the reasons that Grape Creek Vineyards and Winery makes our list of the best wineries in Fredericksburg, Texas.

    Grape Creek Vineyards and Winery also has great Texas wine! They should though because they know winemaking. Grape Creek Vineyards and Winery has had years of experience. Originating in 1983, they were the first winery in Fredericksburg!

    During your time at Grape Creek Vineyards and Winery, you can learn all about the history of the estate and tour the wine-making facilities on one of their tram tours. The cost at the time of publication was $35 per person, but this also allows you to do one of their three wine tastings at the end of the tour.

    Speaking of wine tastings, Grape Creek offers three different tasting options-sweet, red, or mixed. This means that there is something for everyone, another reason Grape Creek Winery is one of the best wineries in Fredericksburg.

    Price for a Tasting:

    Each of the tastings mentioned above (all sweet, all red, or mixed) gives you six samples of wine to taste and a complimentary glass for $20.

    Our Grape Creek Wine Choice:

    I personally love the Cabernet Trois, the Grand Rouge, and the Riesling that Grape Creek produces.

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    Heath Sparkling Wines

    We had to include Heath Sparkling Wines on our list of best wineries in Fredericksburg, TX as it is the first winery in Texas dedicated to making fine sparkling wine.

    Another cool thing about Heath Sparkling Wines is that their process begins at Grape Creek Vineyards and Winery where the base for the sparkling wine is created. The base then goes on to be fermented a second time in the bottle, creating the award-winning wines produced by the Heath Family.

    You are invited to do a wine tasting on Heath Sparkling Wines, one of the best wineries in Fredericksburg. While walk-ins are welcome, we highly recommend you make a reservation to ensure you have the best experience.

    Price for a Tasting:

    At the time of publication, you could do a wine tasting of Heath Sparkling Wines paired with small-bites for $35.

    Our Heath Wine Choice:

    We truly enjoyed all of these wines. If I had to pick a favorite, I would go with the Euphoria.

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    Becker Vineyards

    You cannot visit the Texas Hill Country and not pay a visit to Becker Vineyards. Becker Vineyards and Winery is one of the wineries in Fredericksburg, TX that offer so much more than just wine and vineyards.

    The Becker Vineyards winery estate is home to 56-acres of vineyards. That’s not all though, Becker Vineyards and Winery also has fields of lavender that blooms in April and May.

    The beautiful tasting room is a replica of a 19th century German stone barn. You would have seen these barns dotting the countryside during the early days of Fredericksburg, Texas.

    Visitors are welcome to do a wine tasting to determine their favorite Becker Vineyards wine. Once you have chosen, don’t stay inside. Instead, head outside to Becker’s beautiful verandah area overlooking the lavender fields.

    During your visit, you can also shop at the Becker Vineyards Lavender shop and purchase some amazing products made from their lavender. One of my favorites is the lavender bath fizz bomb.

    On weekends guests can participate in a complimentary winery tour of Becker Vineyards and Winery that takes place hourly starting at 11:30 a.m. The last tour is at 4:30 p.m.

    This really is one of the fabulous vineyards in Fredericksburg and in the Texas wine country.

    Price for a Tasting:

    At the time of publication, the general wine tasting provided guests with six wines of their choice from the tasting list and a souvenir glass for $25.

    Our Becker Vineyards Wine Choice:

    I love the Becker Cabernet Sauvignon and the Muscat Chenin.

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    Hilmy Cellars

    Hilmy Cellars boasts one of the largest vineyards in Fredericksburg, so we had to put it on our list of the best wineries in Fredericksburg, Texas.

    Hilmy prides itself on producing high-quality, delicious wine created from the Malbec, Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Petit Syrah grapes that are grown on-site in Fredericksburg.

    The atmosphere at Hilmy in Fredericksburg is so welcoming. The rustic, Texas-style decor makes you instantly feel at home. Combine that with the artwork from local artists that Hilmy Cellars displays and you can see why it is one of the best wineries in Fredericksburg.

    Hilmy Cellars offers a variety of wines, sure to please every palette. Their red wines range from light to heavy-bodied, and their white wines range from slightly sweet to very dry.

    Price for a Tasting:

    A wine tasting at Hilmy Cellars consists of six wines (from their tasting menu) for $20.

    Our Hilmy Cellars Wine Choice:

    The Cab-Syrah is one of my favorites for sure! If you want a lighter wine, try their Orange Muscat or Roussanne.

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    Fat Ass Ranch Winery

    One of the best wineries in Fredericksburg, TX if you want a fun, laid-back atmosphere combined with award-winning wines is Fat Ass Ranch Winery. I mean their slogan, “Where every ass deserves a glass” says it all!

    This Texas Hill Country winery has two locations, one on US Highway 290, and the other on Main Street in Fredericksburg. I highly recommend visiting the Fat Ass vineyard location in Texas wine country on US Highway 290.

    Weekends are the best time to visit Fat Ass Ranch Winery as there is always something going on! The weekends bring about food trucks and people playing yard games outside while sipping their wine.

    In addition, Fat Ass Ranch Winery in Fredericksburg also has a “Saturday Only Special” which includes a tasting of 5 wines, a tram ride through the vineyard to their sister winery, The Wine Garage, a tasting of 5 wines at The Wine Garage, free tour of the Wine Garage’s car collection, a tram ride back to Fat Ass, and a complimentary wine glass of frozen sangria all for only $30. (This was at the time of publication. Please always visit the business’ website for the most up-to-date information.)

    Another great thing about this Fredericksburg, Texas winery is that they offer loads of seasonal wines! In the summer you can taste my favorite, their peach wine, and in the fall you can try out a pumpkin pie or apple pie wine!

    Of course, Fat Ass Ranch Winery in Fredericksburg also offers more traditional wines. These include the Red Ass which is a blend of Zinfandel and Malbet, a Pinot Noir, a Cabernet Sauvignon, a Moscato, and more.

    Fat Ass Ranch Winery is one of the best wineries in Fredericksburg, Texas to just hang out and have a good time at.

    Price for a Tasting at Fat Ass Ranch Winery:

    A wine tasting at Fat Ass Ranch Winery consists of five wines and a wine glass to keep for only $10! Now, that’s a bargain!

    Our Fat Ass Wine Choice:

    This is hard for me as I love so many of their wines, especially their seasonal wines. If I had to pick just one I would go for the peach for sure. If I could pick more than one, then I would add in the Texas red and the Prickly Pear JalaRaspberryPeno, authentic Fredericksburg wines.

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    The Wine Garage

    The Wine Garage is another one of the fun and quirky wineries in Fredericksburg. You will know you have arrived when you see the giant retro-looking statue of a male mechanic.

    Don’t discount The Wine Garage and think that it is too silly for you. If you do, you will be missing out on some great 100% Texas wine.

    They have paired their love for Texas wine with their classic car collection and combined the best of both worlds. When you participate in a wine tasting here, the first thing you will notice is the names of the wine. Every wine here has a car of some sort associated with it. For example there is Lil’ Red Corvette Cabarnet, Mustang Malbec, and Thunderbird Roussanne just to name a few.

    After your wine tasting, don’t miss the tour of the classic car collection that is next door to the tasting room. Here you will see the beautiful classic car collection that makes The Wine Garage one of the best wineries in Fredericksburg.

    Price for a Tasting:

    Each tasting includes a selection of 5 wines, a souvenir glass, and a tour of the classic car collection. At the time of publication, a wine tasting at The Wine Garage was $15. Please check their website for current pricing and operating hours.

    Our Wine Garage Wine Choice:

    While I liked several of the Texas wines offered at The Wine Garage, I loved their Heavy Chevy Montepulciano. I also couldn’t pass up a bottle of the Lil’ Red Corvette Cabernet since I drive a little red Corvette.

    William Chris Vineyards

    While William Chris Vineyards and Winery is technically located just outside of Fredericksburg, TX, in the town of Hye, it is on Wine Road 290 and close enough to make our list of the best wineries in Fredericksburg.

    William Chris Vineyards prides itself on producing great wine from 100% Texas grown grapes, meaning they have nothing but Texas wine.

    A wine tasting here treats visitors to a beautiful, modern tasting room that is surrounded by the vineyards.

    William Chris offers several different wine experiences to their guests. They have a winemaker’s tasting where you will be guided through the wine tasting process, a Vineyard Table experience that includes seasonal food and wine pairings, and a picnic lunch where you can pair your bottle of wine with a gourmet sandwich and sides.

    Price for a Tasting

    The Winemaker’s Tasting at William Chris lasts 45 minutes and at the time of publication is $25. The Vineyard Table experience is $75 and the picnic lunch is $20. Please check their website for current prices and operating hours.

    Our William Chris Wine Choice

    We really loved all of the beautiful and complex flavors that is in each of the William Chris wines that we sampled. I have to say that I especially loved the Sangiovese that we tried.

    Messina Hof Winery

    The Messina Hof Winery in the Texas Hill Country is located right on Highway 290. Messina Hof is no ordinary winery in Fredericksburg, Texas though.

    I say that because this Fredericksburg winery boast over 50 wines for you to choose from. This vast selection is one of the many reasons that is has to be on your list of best wineries in Fredericksburg.

    In addition to the wine selection, Messina Hof in Fredericksburg also offers wine on tap by the glass or growler, gourmet appetizers, and fun wine accessories.

    You will also find a small vineyard and a bed and breakfast at the Fredericksburg, Texas location. The Manor House bed and breakfast is the perfect place to stay if you are planning a wedding here.

    If you are in Fredericksburg on weekdays, be sure to visit Messina Hof Tuesday-Thursday from 4:00-6:00 pm for their happy hour. Glasses of wine are only $5 during happy hour! (This was current at the time of publication. Please check their website for current deals.)

    Price for a Tasting

    A wine tasting at Messina Hof in Fredericksburg consists of two choices. You can choose a standard tasting which gives you 5 tokens for $14. For the standard tasting 1 token=standard wine and 2 tokens=Paulo tasting.

    The second choice for your Texas wine tasting is the premium tasting which consists of 5 tokens for $24. With this tasting, you can choose any wine to taste.

    Our Messina Hof Wine Selection

    As we mentioned above, Messina Hof in Fredericksburg has a vas selection of Texas wine. This means that everyone can find something that they like. The Paulo Cabernet and the Paulo Blend are our top choices for red wine.

    For white wine I would suggest the Gewürztraminer or the Rielsing.

    If you like sweet wines then my top choice is Messina Hof’s Beau. They also have a delicious Texas Sparkling Almond Wine.

    Pedernales Cellars

    Pedernales Cellars is one of the best wineries in Fredericksburg, TX thanks to their delicious wines and their incredible views of the Texas Hill Country.

    Specializing in Spanish and Rhone style wines, Pedernales Cellars produces Texas wine made from 100% Texas grown grapes. Their wines include Tempranillos, red blends, white wines, roses, and sweet dessert wines.

    Pedernales Cellars in Fredericksburg also offers a special area for wine club members and host several events throughout the year.

    Do note that all wine tasting at Pedernales Cellars in Fredericksburg require a reservation.

    Price for a Tasting

    At the time of publication a wine tasting at Pedernales Cellars was $15. They also offer a Barrel Tour and Tasting. This allows participants to get a tour of the wine production facility and taste wines straight from the barrel. This tour is available on Fridays and Sundays and costs $60 per person.

    Please check Pedernales Cellars website for the most up to date prices and operating hours.

    Our Pedernales Cellars Wine Selection

    A lot of people I know love Pedernales’ Tempranillo. Personally, I am not a fan of Tempranillo wine, so it’s not for me.

    My choices at Pedernales are the Texas dry rose and the Texas Diva.

    Fiesta Winery

    Fiesta Winery is one of the best wineries in Fredericksburg, Texas if you like a good variety of Texas wine to choose from, especially sweet wines.

    Fiesta is so popular here that they have two locations in Fredericksburg, TX. There is a tasting room on Fredericksburg’s Main Street, and another Fredericksburg winery on Wine Road 290 (Hwy. 290).

    As we mentioned above, Fiesta Winery in Fredericksburg has a great selection of Texas wine, boasting over 30 wines offered. Offering dry reds, dry whites, sweet reds, sweet whites, roses, and dessert wines, Fiesta has something for every palate.

    The Fredericksburg Fiesta on Highway 290 has a nice little outdoor area and often hosts live music, making it a great place to come and enjoy an afternoon in the Texas Hill Country.

    Take note of Fiesta’s fun and unique wine labels during your visit to this winery in Fredericksburg. I just love the artwork and names of their wines.

    Price for a Tasting

    A wine tasting at Fiesta Winery in Fredericksburg consists of six wine tastings and a souvenir glass for $20. For every three bottles that you purchase, then you receive a free wine tasting!

    Our Fiesta Wine Selection

    Honestly, there are so many of Fiesta’s wines that I love. Their Hill Country wine is just easy to drink, thus the reason it is one of the best wineries in Fredericksburg.

    If I had to choose, then I would say my favorite dry wine at Fiesta Winery is the Heart of Texas wine, a red blend. For a semi-dry white I would choose their Mustang Sally, and when I’m in the mood for a sweet wine, I like all of theirs!

    They also offer roses, sparkling wines, and ports for you to choose from. Definitely put this on your list while visiting Fredericksburg.

    Baron’s Creek Vineyards

    Another one of the best wineries in Fredericksburg, Texas is Baron’s Creek Vineyards. Although they don’t produce 100% Texas wine (as they get grapes from Washington, California, and Spain), they are still well worth a visit during your time in Fredericksburg, Texas.

    Baron’s Creek also has a wide variety of wines for you to choose from. Offering reds, whites, and roses means that you can taste a variety while visiting this winery in Fredericksburg.

    After visiting the Fredericksburg tasting room, purchase a bottle of your favorite Hill Country wine to enjoy on their gorgeous outdoor patio.

    The Villas at Baron’s Creek Vineyards offer couples an inviting place to stay during their time in the Texas Hill Country, and more specifically, while in Fredericksburg, Texas.

    If you visit Baron’s Creek on the weekends, then you are likely to also enjoy one of their Fredericksburg wine country special events. They host live music on Fridays and Saturdays, and offer other events throughout the year.

    Price for a Tasting

    At the time of publication, a traditional wine tasting at Baron’s Creek Vineyards in Fredericksburg, TX cost $25.

    Baron’s Creek Vineyards also offers their Ultimate Wine Experience for $35 per person. The Ultimate Wine Experience is a wine education class in which participants pair 5 different small bites with their wine tasting.

    Our Baron’s Creek Wine Selection

    One of my favorite Baron’s Creek wines is their Zinfandel. The full-bodied, fruit forward wine is delicious! I also find their rose nice and refreshing in the summer months.

    For a great red wine, I go for Baron’s Creek Crazy Train, which is their Cabernet Sauvignon.

    Honestly, all of their wines are delicious, so you really can’t go wrong with this Fredericksburg winery.

    Bending Branch Winery

    Add Bending Branch Winery to your list of Fredericksburg, TX wineries. Bending Branch in Fredericksburg started in 2009 and has grown into an award-winning winery in Fredericksburg.

    Bending Branch is another winery located near Fredericksburg, Texas in the town of Comfort. Their Fredericksburg estate winery is a great place to do a wine tasting and then enjoy a bottle of Bending Branch wine on the outdoor patio overlooking the estate’s property.

    Their success with Tannat wines make these a favorite among Bending Branch guests, specifically their Texas Tannat. In addition, their innovative wine producing process gives their wines a distinct, yet delicious taste, making this a great Texas wine country choice.

    Price for a Tasting

    A wine tasting at Bending Branch in Fredericksburg give you 5 tastings for $25 and includes a souvenir glass. While reservations are recommended, especially on weekends, they are not required.

    Our Bending Branch Wine Selection

    Lake most wineries in Texas wine country, Bending Branch has many great wines to choose from. Our personal favorite is their Mourvèdre. For an economical but great wine while in Fredericksburg, go for the Branch Texas Red.

    Augusta Vin

    Augusta Vin in Fredericksburg is a relative newcomer to the Texas wine country, welcoming their first guests in 2019.

    The Fredericksburg land that the vineyard is located on, however, is well-known in the Fredericksburg, Texas community. This land belonged to the founding families of Fredericksburg, the Klein and Schmidt families.

    The beautiful tasting room at Augusta is a 2-story building overlooking the 60-acre vineyard in Fredericksburg, TX. The architecture of this winery’s tasting room is so unique and welcoming, the perfect place to enjoy Texas wine country.

    In addition to wine tastings, Augusta Vin in Fredericksburg also offers 2 different types of winery tours and special events throughout the year.

    Price for a Tasting

    A standard tasting at Augusta Vin in Fredericksburg gives you 5 tastings for $25. While a Reserve tasting allow you to have 4 reserve wines for $30 per person. You have the choice of red wine, red and white wine, or rose wine for your tasting.

    Do note that non-members can enjoy the first floor indoor seating or their outdoor patio for your tasting. Getting to see the views from the second floor is probably worth joining their wine club!

    Our Augusta Vin Wine Selection

    In my opinion, you have to go for the Montepulciano and the Grenache Rose. Augusta Vin in Fredericksburg also has a nice white wine called Brisk White, making this one of the wineries that need to be on your list.

    Be sure and add Augusta to your list of wineries to visit.

    Signor Vineyards

    A visit to Signor Vineyards in Fredericksburg is so much more than just a wine tasting. That is one of the reasons that we added it to our list of Fredericksburg, TX best wineries. At Signor Vineyards you can come and enjoy the Texas Hill Country hospitality paired with great wine and a country chic atmosphere.

    Signor Vineyards in Fredericksburg harvests seven varieties of grapes on their 17 acre property. These grapes produce some incredible Texas wines.

    A visit to Signor Vineyards’ in Fredericksburg tasting room allows you to enjoy a wine tasting, wine by the glass, or wine by the bottle. You can pair your wine with one of their amazing handcrafted charcuterie boards. Trust us, get the charcuterie board, it is worth it!

    On site, you will also find Joanna’s Market in the historic home that is on the property. Joanna’s Market has boutique-style gifts, fresh sandwiches, and baked goods for you to enjoy in Texas wine country.

    Price for a Tasting

    A wine tasting at Signor Vineyards consists of a tasting flight that includes a mix of red and white wines. This tasting is available without a reservation for $20 per person.

    As we mentioned above, you can pair your wine with a delicious charcuterie board or you can head to Joanna’s Market and purchase a sandwich or baked good.

    Our Augusta Vin Wine Selection

    Signor Vineyards offers a fabulous Montepulciano, which is my favorite wine, so I definitely have to put it on my selection list. I would also choose the Blanc de Blanc wine.

    This is one of the wineries that you should definitely visit!

    Fredericksburg, Texas Wine Tours

    Of course, you need to stay safe while you are visiting the Fredericksburg wineries, so why not consider doing one of the town’s wine tours.

    There are more than 20 wine tour companies that would be happy to show you around the Texas Hill Country wineries. These wine tours include full day tours, half-day tours, and private tours of the wineries.

    If you want a little less structure to your Fredericksburg wine tour, then consider hopping on the 290 Wine Shuttle. The 290 Wine Shuttle departs from Downtown Fredericksburg and provides a hop-on, hop-off service for patrons to visit the wineries on Highway 290.

    Where to Stay in Fredericksburg, Texas

    Of course, you need somewhere to stay in Fredericksburg, TX. Lucky for you, Fredericksburg is home to over 1,300 bed and breakfasts and rentals. If this isn’t your thing, no worries, as there are several hotels to choose from also.

    Consider staying at the Inn on Baron’s Creek. The Inn on Baron’s Creek is located within walking distance to Fredericksburg’s Main Street. Barons Creek offers visitors a fabulous home away from home.

    Another option is the Comfort Inn and Suites. The Comfort Inn is within walking distance the the major shops and museums on Main Street and offers guests a clean, comfortable place to stay during their trip to the Fredericksburg wineries.

    Other Things to do in Fredericksburg, Texas

    The wineries are not the only attraction in this small town. There are so many fun things to do in Fredericksburg that you could stay busy for months.

    Enchanted Rock State Park is a fabulous area to visit. This giant pink granite bolder is a popular hiking spot in this area. In addition to hiking Enchanted Rock, you can enjoy the miles of hiking and biking trails at the park.

    Another popular thing to do in Fredericksburg is to shop at the many boutique-style shops that line Fredericksburg’s Main Street. Here you will find clothes, home furnishings, jewelry, and more. During your shopping trip, be sure you pop into the winery tasting rooms that are on Main Street and grab a wine to go. Yes, you read that correctly, to go. You can take wine from the winery and enjoy it while shopping on Main Street.

    History lovers will enjoy the many museums and historical sites that Fredericksburg has to offer. You can visit the Museum of the Pacific War or the Pioneer Museum when you aren’t out enjoying Fredericksburg wine.

    Another great historical site to visit is the historic Fort Martin Scott. This restored United States Army outpost is located on Highway 290. Visitors to Fort Martin Scott are invited to tour the grounds and the historical building to see what life was like on the frontier.

    Check out Fredericksburg’s live music and entertainment venues. There are several of the Fredericksburg restaurants that offer live music, especially on the weekend. These include THE CLUB at Barons CreekSide, Crossroads Saloon and Steakhouse, and the Altdorf Biergarten.

    Final Thoughts on Fredericksburg Wineries

    As you have seen, there are so many amazing wineries in Fredericksburg, so choosing the best winery in Fredericksburg is really hard! Fredericksburg is such a great Texas town that is ready and waiting to welcome you during your visit!

    What winery in Fredericksburg would you add to our list? Comment below and let us know.

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    The Best Things to do in Fredericksburg, Texas on a Girls Trip - The Traveling Teacher

    Wednesday 20th of March 2024

    […] Our first stop was at Grape Creek Vineyard. This vineyard had the best atmosphere of anywhere we stopped because the outdoor space was beautiful, offered live music, and an awesome view. They offer wine tastings inside, but outside is where the action really happens. We did a quick wine tasting then went outside for a gorgeous view and live music. This one was definitely one of the best wineries in Fredericksburg! […]


    Saturday 27th of May 2023

    I had no idea Texas was so big on wine! Good to know how accessible Fredericksburg is from the major cities too. Definitely worth the trip!


    Saturday 27th of May 2023

    Yes, Texas is a large wine producing state and Fredericksburg is on of the top wine destinations. I hope you get to visit. It is such a great little town.


    Tuesday 25th of October 2022

    I love visiting the Fredricksburg wineries. One of my favorites is Signor Vinyards - a must visit when you are there.

    Goya from

    Saturday 3rd of September 2022

    Fredericksburg has been popping up on my feed a lot lately and it's no wonder why! Thanks for this fantastic list, I will definitely pin it and keep it for when I can make it across the pond again!


    Monday 5th of September 2022

    Thank you so much for reading!


    Saturday 13th of August 2022

    Fredericksburg is one of my favorite Texas cities. It is amazing to think that Texas is home to so many awesome wineries. Thanks for putting the best wineries on one list. Such a great post!