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Dallas Date Ideas: 60 Fun and Unique Choices

If you need some Dallas date ideas, then you are in the right place!

Dallas is full of fabulous and unique dates that you could have a different one every night for months!

Dallas offers romantic gondola rides, world-class entertainment, and a thriving nightlife.

So, no matter what kind of date you are looking for, you can find it in Dallas.

That’s why we put together this list of ideas for date nights in Dallas!

I mean, Dallas is one of the top places to visit in Texas!

We have you covered with so many options. I’m talking:

  • Adventurous Date Ideas in Dallas
  • Free Dallas Date Ideas
  • Romantic Date Night in Dallas
  • Dallas Date Night for Sports Lovers
  • Fun Date Night in Dallas
  • Dallas Date Ideas for Special Occasions
  • Free Date Ideas in Dallas

What are you waiting for? Let’s find your perfect date night in Dallas!

If you’re in search of a unique date idea in Dallas, offers personalized suggestions tailored just for you.

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Adventurous Date Ideas in Dallas

Try Out an Obstacle Course

If you are looking for a fun date idea in Dallas, then head to Trinity Forest Adventure Park.

This fun dat idea will have you swinging from swinging from the tree tops, quite literally.

Here you can participate in obstacle courses, go zip lining, and more.

Now if that isn’t a fun date then I don’t know what is!

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Experience Indoor Skydiving

Now, you can try skydiving in the safety of a controlled environment thanks to iFly Indoor Sky diving.

You and your date will have so much fun trying out this great new adventure together!

Even if you wind up not liking it, it will be a memorable date for sure!

Go Skating

Believe it or not, roller skating is still around!

Imagine the fun time you will have hitting up one of the local skating rinks that are around town.

Some popular ones include Texas Skatium and Thunderbird Roller Rink.

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Escape Room

Escape rooms have become so popular for a fun night out.

So, why not turn this trend into a one of your fun date ideas?

There are numerous escape room around Dallas with varying themes and degrees of difficulty.

That means you can probably find an escape room with a cool theme that your date will love.

Try Stand Up Paddle Boarding

One of the unique date ideas in Dallas is to head out to one of the lakes in Dallas like White Rock Lake and try out paddle boarding.

This will get you and your date up and active and allow you to take a wager at who has the best balance!

Break Things at a Deconstruction Room

Deconstruction room are one of the unique date ideas for sure! Imagine going into a room full of stuff that you are allowed to smash up and break!

Or for a calmer experience, you can choose the paint room where you are allowed to splatter paint however you choose.

Even on each other if you want!

You can experience this fun Dallas date night at Smash ‘n Bash.

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Have Fun Ice Skating

Another active date idea is to take your sweet ice skating.

Even if you aren’t good at it or you have never tried ice skating, it never hurts to give it a go.

The Galleria Dallas has a year-round indoor ice rink, but I have to admit, I love to go during the holidays when the Christmas tree is center ice!

Go Dancing

Another fun Dallas date night idea is to hit the many bars and clubs around town for a night of dancing.

Some popular places you might want to consider include Sambuca 360, Gloria’s (on the weekends), and Guitars and Cadillacs.

If you watch for the weekday special events, many of these can even be one of the free date ideas in Dallas that you explore.

Ride Go Karts

Another fun date idea is to challenge your date to a go kart race.

Imagine laughing and zooming around the track as you chase one another in go karts.

You can try out Dallas Karting Complex on your first date night!

The winner has to buy the loser a cocktail after the race!

Make a Mess at Paintball

Okay, so this is a messy date idea, so you better give your date some advanced notice.

Once you do, I bet that will be onboard with this cool date night.

You can play paintball at DFW Adventure Park.

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Try Indoor Rock Climbing

Take your date to Summit Gyms for a fun date night of indoor rock climbing.

Summit is a huge facility containing 3,000 square feet of 27-foor-tall top-rope and lead climbing walls.

Free/Cheap Dallas Date Ideas

Visit the Dallas Museum of Modern Art

The Dallas Museum of Modern Art is one of the great date night ideas that ensures you will impress without breaking the bank.

As one of the largest art museums in the America, the Dallas Museum of Modern Art is home to over 25,000 works of art.

This means that you can have a fun Dallas date night analyzing the different medias and discussing your favorite art pieces.

I love that this awesome museum is one of the free date ideas for Dallas.

Laugh It Up at a Comedy Club

For a fun date idea that is also free, head to Hyena’s Comedy club on Thursday nights where you can enjoy a live performance for free!

This date idea will have you laughing and enjoying time with your date on a budget! We love that!

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Challenge Yourself at a Trivia Night

Another fun date idea is to head to one of the local bars and participate in Trivia Night.

There are Trivia Nights for all sorts of themes.

We have participated in Trivia Nights ranging from our favorite television show to general trivia knowledge.

If your want to try this date idea on a Wednesday night, then head to The Holy Grail Pub for a fun night of trivia and a chance to win money off of your bar tab!

Picnic at Klyde Warren Park

Klyde Warren Park can make for a fun date night in Dallas.

This 5.2-acre park resides right over a popular Dallas Freeway, making a visit here a cool experience in itself.

Easily turn this into a fun date when you attend one of the many events hosted at Klyde Warren Park.

These events include free yoga, live music performances, food trucks, and more.

In addition to the events, Klyde Warren always offers games to play and places to have a picnic if you would like to expand on this date idea.

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Participate in Free Yoga Class

As we mentioned above you can participate in free yoga class in Klyde Warren Park throughout the year.

There are actually numerous places around Dallas that offer free yoga, so this can easily be made into a last minute date idea and one of the free date ideas in Dallas if you need one!

Check Out the Art Galleries in the Design District

For a sophisticated (yet cheap) date night, head to the Dallas Design District and visit the many art galleries in the area.

This is a fun way to learn what type of art each of you like and spark some interesting conversation.

Art galleries in this area include Laura Rathe Fine Art, Craighead Green Gallery, Cinq Gallery, and more!

Honestly, you can use this idea more than once and make several date nights out of visiting all of the art galleries in the area.

Enjoy White Rock Lake

A day or evening out at White Rock Lake is one of the date ideas in Dallas that allows you to be outdoors and is one of the free date ideas in Dallas!

Take a walk around the lake before enjoy a picnic by the water to make this a complete date idea.

Take Free Dance Lessons

Another one of the fun date ideas that is also free is to head to one of the Dallas bars that offer free dance lessons.

One such place is Cowboys Dance Hall.

Be sure to check their schedule, because they offer live music and free dance lessons often, so this is one of the date night ideas that you can put together quickly as well.

Finding the perfect date night spots in Dallas is so fun!

Do a Tour of the Dallas Murals

Another of the date ideas in Dallas that is free is to visit the many Dallas murals.

Bring your camera and set out on a fun time touring the city and taking pictures with all of the cool murals in Dallas.

Some of the more popular places to find murals in Dallas include Deep Ellum and the Dallas Design District.

Visit the Dallas Teddy Bears

Yes, you read that correctly, the teddy bears.

There is a small park in Dallas that contains a small pond and teddy bear structures, the Teddy Bear Park.

I mean, you will definitely get creativity points for this date idea.

Check Out the Dallas Farmers Market

The Dallas Farmer’s Market is an easy free date idea.

Browse the market for fresh grown fruits and vegetables.

Most of the time, they are offering free samples as well of some of the great food items for sale!

Of course if you want to spend some money, you can still make this a cheap date by purchasing some of the local goodies and creating a little picnic.

Go For a Hike

A hike is always a great date idea. Hiking in Dallas allows you and your date to enjoy nature and have some good conversation at the same time.

Some places to consider are the Oak Cliff Nature Preserve, the Cedar Ridge Nature Preserve, The Arbor Hills Nature Preserve, and the Trinity River Audubon Center.

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View Art at the Crow Museum of Asian Art

Another world-class museum and one of the great free date ideas in Dallas is the Crow Museum of Asian Art.

The Crow Collection can be found in the Dallas Arts District in downtown Dallas.

This date idea will allow you to see a great collection of art from China, Japan, Korea, and more.

Take a Brewery Tour

Another free date idea is to take a brewery tour.

While there are several craft breweries in Dallas, you can head to Four Corners Brewery on Saturday and take a brewery tour for free!

Visiting a brewery is one of the fun date night spots in Dallas for sure!

Romantic Date Night in Dallas

Get a Couple’s Massages at the Four Seasons

Any Dallas date idea that includes the Four Seasons is a great idea to me!

That’s because the Four Seasons is such a fabulous place.

Treat your sweetie to a couples massage at the Four Seasons for this Dallas date idea.

A couples massage is one of the best romantic date ideas.

This allows you to enjoy some relaxing time together during the massage, and then you can use the great spa facilities at the Four Seasons after your massage!

Dress Up For a Night at the Dallas Opera House

For a romantic date idea, consider taking your significant other out for a night at the Dallas Opera.

Date nights at the Dallas Opera give you an excuse to dress up while enjoying a night out.

Check their schedule of events to find an opera that would best fit your style.

This is definitely perfect for a fancy date night in Dallas.

Watch the Sunset

Believe it or not, there are several great places in Dallas to watch the sunset.

So, if you are looking for a romantic date night, then why not watch the sunset over the Dallas skyline?

Some of the best spots for this great date idea are Sunset Bay at White Rock Lake, Lake Ray Hubbard, or from the top of Reunion Tower.

Honestly, the Reunion Tower Observation Deck is a great place to watch the sunset as you can see all of Dallas from up there.

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Listen to the Dallas Symphony Orchestra

Another one of the best date ideas in Dallas and a fancy date night in Dallas is an evening at the Dallas Symphony Orchestra.

Be sure to visit their website for a current schedule as the Dallas Symphony Orchestra hosts more than just classical music!

Visit the Dallas Arboretum

The Dallas Arboretum is one of the best date night ideas any time of the year, but the Dallas Arboretum is especially great during the holiday season.

The Arboretum allows you to stroll through the beautifully manicured gardens, including the Texas Discovery Gardens. The Texas Discovery Gardens even has a butterfly house.

Visiting during the spring months means you get to see the gorgeous Texas tulips in bloom.

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Take a Gondola Ride

Did you know that Dallas offers gondola rides? It’s true! This is one of the great date ideas in Las Colinas.

Feel as though you have been transported to Venice as you glide along in a gondola on the Mandalay Canal and Lake Carolyn.

This is a fun and unique fancy date night in Dallas for sure!

Sign Up For Cooking Classes

Taking cooking classes is one of the best date ideas if you are a lover of delicious food.

I mean how much fun would it be to prepare a meal with your significant other before.

These make for a fun and interesting dinner date. Sur la Table and The Cookery are great places to try for date night spots in Dallas!

Dallas Date Night for Sports Lovers

Play Some Golf

There are several places in Dallas that offer fun golf dates.

If your date is a true golfer, then you can hit up one of the many golf courses around town.

If you just want to hit a few balls, then Top Golf is a fun date idea for this.

At Top Golf you can enjoy some fun food while hitting golf balls and having a few laughs.

Challenge Each Other at Axe Throwing

While probably not a fancy date night in Dallas, another new trend that is becoming popular on date nights is axe throwing.

Challenge your date to a fun night of throwing axes to see who is the best shot.

There are several spots around Dallas, Texas to make this happen.

Not only that, but they will teach you how to do it if it is your first time.

Attend a Ball Game

Dallas-Fort Worth is the perfect spot for sports fans as it is home to several major league teams.

Have fun watching a baseball game while chowing down on hot dogs and pretzels!

See a Basketball or Football Game

In addition to baseball, Dallas-Fort Worth is also home to professional basketball and football (granted, football isn’t in Dallas proper, but it is close enough).

Again, these make for fun dates if your sweetie is a sports lover.

Taking a tour of the fabulous Texas Dallas Cowboys Stadium is a cool experience also. Y

ou can check out this tour for more information.

Check Out the Dallas Star in Frisco

The Dallas Star in Frisco is a great place to visit for Dallas Cowboys fans.

The 91-acre campus houses the headquarters for the team. In addition, there is a 12,000 seat indoor stadium that is used as the Cowboys’ practice facility.

In addition to touring the facilities, you can also check out the great food that surround the area!

Experience the Raceway

Lovers of fast cars will have a great time with a date night at the raceway.

While the Dallas Motor Speedway is really located closer to Fort Worth, we can still consider it for one of our Dallas date nights. I mean, it isn’t that far away!

Watch Some Soccer

Of course, there is also soccer in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.

Head out to a soccer game if your sweetie is a soccer fan!

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Attend a Hockey Game

Attending a Dallas Stars game is one of my favorite sports related dates.

If your date is into hockey, then you can see the Stars in action also!

Bet on the Horses

A date out at the horse races sounds fun also!

Take your sweetie and make a competition of betting on the horses at Lone Star Park located in between Dallas and Fort Worth.

Fun Date Night in Dallas

Visit the Museum of Illusion

The Museum of Illusion in Dallas will have you and your date amused for sure.

This immersive experience allows you to become part of the illusion while the staff documents it on your camera for you.

Sing Along at Pete’s Piano Bar

Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar is such a fun place.

Enjoy some live music, food, and drinks as two piano players duel it out to see who can win the crowd over the most.

Take a Ghost Tour

For a quirky date, why not try out a Dallas ghost and history tour?

These tours teach you about the sorted past of the city while giving you a little history lesson also.

There are even some that include a pub crawl in your tour, making it even more fun.

Check Out a Dallas Food Tour

Dallas is known for its great food scene.

So, why not let a guide show you around to some of their favorite places in Dallas.

You and your date get to enjoy tasting food from several Dallas restaurants while you enjoy each other’s company when you take a Dallas food tour.

Burlesque Show

For a fun and interesting night out, head to Viva Dallas Burlesque.

This fun experience is a mix of theatre, live music, comedy, and storytelling with a little tasteful stripping thrown in.

Don’t let that last part fool you.

Burlesque is fun for all adults.

Murder Mystery Show

See who can solve the mystery first when you and your date attend a murder mystery show in Dallas.

There are several murder mystery dinner theatres to consider in Dallas, each offering their own unique food menu and show.

Margarita Tour

Since the frozen margarita machine was created in Dallas, Texas, it only makes sense to sample some margaritas, right?!

So, make it a date night and take a margarita tour. Just be sure you have a designated driver!

Laugh All Night at an Improv Show

An Improv Comedy show like the ones served up at Four Day Weekend is a fabulous date idea.

Laugh at the crazy antics performed by the cast as they invite audience participation to their on-the-spot comedy routines.

Take an Art Class

For those of you feeling creative, try out an art class.

There are numerous classes offered around the Dallas area.

You can create a painting on a canvas while sipping wine, paint a piece of glassware or pottery, or learn to design flowers.

The choices are plentiful in this category.

Do a Wine Tasting

Take your date out for a nice wine tasting.

There are wineries throughout Dallas serving up local and international wines.

Pair your wine tasting with a nice charcuterie board and you have a great date!

Watch a Drive In Movie

A drive in movie experience is unlike any ordinary movie night.

I mean, there is just something nostalgic about sitting in your car munching popcorn while watching a movie on the big screen under the stars!

Have a Quirky Dinner at Medieval Times

Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament is a dinner and show that is based upon life in the Medieval Times.

Dinner is eaten without utensils as you watch a live performance centered around a royal family.

The performance includes sword fighting, jousting, love, and more!

Now, I know that Medieval Times isn’t one of the date night ideas that appeals to everyone.

So choose this one only if your date is into that sort of thing.

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Watch a Performance at Pocket Sandwich Theatre

A night out at Pocket Sandwich Theatre is always fun.

The Pocket Sandwich Theatre is a small theatre that is allows you to throw popcorn at the actors during the performance!

This intimate theatre serves up yummy food and drinks while the audience watches the talented actors perform live theatre.

Just be sure to get your tickets in advance as this little theatre is very popular and can sell out quickly.

Play Arcade Games

Who doesn’t love a good, old fashioned arcade game?

Well, thanks to places such as Barcadia, adults can enjoy hours of video games served up with their favorite cocktails.

Check Out the Frontiers of Flight Museum

The Frontiers of Flight is such one of the unique date destinations in Dallas.

Containing over 35,000 artifacts housed in over 20 galleries, this is a really cool experience.

You can also get up close and personal with several airplanes and some space vehicles!

Have Fun at the Texas State Fair

If you Texas State Fair is in town, it makes for the perfect Dallas date!

Have fun eating all of the fried food you can take before riding some awesome carnival rides during your visit to Fair Park!

While you are at Fair Park, you might as well take your sweetie on a romantic ride on one of the swan boats as well.

Dallas Date Ideas for Special Occasions

Romantic Dinner at the Mansion

A romantic dinner is always one of the best date night ideas for a special occasion.

One place in particular that is popular for this is The Mansion Restaurant.

Not only is the Mansion a beautiful space, but they also serve up incredible menu featuring French/American cuisine.

Weekend Staycation

A weekend staycation is a fabulous idea for a special occasion.

When planning your staycation, book a nice place to stay and then choose some of the fun activities that we have listed here to round out the perfect weekend for you and your sweetie.

Splurge at The French Room

Dining at the French Room is a treat all into itself. With the beautifully appointed European architecture and décor, you immediately know that you are in for a treat.

You can choose to enjoy a full meal here or partake in their famous tea service.

Either way, you can never go wrong with a date at the French Room.

Sunset Dinner Cruise

Enjoy dinner and cocktails aboard a sunset dinner cruise to make your special occasion truly memorable.

There are several companies offering cruises like this in and around Dallas!

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