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Souvenirs From Texas That Make Great Texas Gifts

If you are searching for the best souvenirs from Texas to buy, then you are in the right place!

We have lived in Texas our entire lives and love sharing gifts from Texas with our friends and family from out of state.

Our list of Texas gifts and Texas souvenirs is sure to have something to please everyone!

Texas themed gifts range from a beautiful hand made cowboy hat and belt buckle to unique souvenirs like fun Texas food items.

Of course, we haven’t forgotten the most classic souvenirs like shot glasses, t shirts, and refrigerator magnets also.

If you are heading out on one of the great Texas road trips, then be sure and plan stops along the way to do some shopping.

You will find all sorts of Texas themed gifts to buy in Texas while touring the open road!

If you aren’t planning on visiting Texas anytime soon, don’t worry, you can find most of these Texas souvenirs online as well!

Some of the links in this post are affiliate links.  By purchasing through these links, we get a small commission at no additional cost to you.

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    Texas Themed Clothing

    Cowboy Boots

    One of the best Texas souvenirs is a great pair of cowboy boots.

    I mean, nothing screams the Lone Star State like a handmade pair of cowboy boots!

    You can find the perfect pair of cowboy boots for anyone on your list.

    There are loads of styles and colors to choose from, making this one of the souvenirs from Texas that you can customize to your own taste.

    Of course, one of the best (and most famous) boot makers in Texas is Allens Boots.

    If you find yourself in the Austin area, then you have to visit the infamous shop located on South Congress Avenue.

    This Austin store has been selling boots to generations of Texans!

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    Texas Jewelry

    Texas jewelry is one of the unique gift items that is the perfect choice for loved ones.

    Not only does jewelry make a great souvenir, but it also can turn into the perfect keepsake.

    You can find Texas themed jewelry all over the place, and especially the internet.

    Try shopping on Etsy or other websites that sell hand made and local products.

    For the best Texas jewelry, you definitely want to head to Capitol Gift Shop in Austin.

    Capitol Gift Shop has unique gift items that make the best Texas souvenirs.

    I’m sure your friends would love a sterling silver Texas charm bracelet?!

    In addition to the jewelry, this Austin shop also has a large selection of fun souvenirs that just scream Texan.

    You can search through their variety of children’s toys, maps, home items, handbags, items with the Texas state seal, and more to find the perfect souvenir from Texas!

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    Texas Sportswear

    Texas sportswear is one of the best Texas gifts for the sports fan in your life.

    Sports has its own culture here in Texas. From high school games happening under Friday night lights, to major league teams, Texas has it all.

    The Dallas Cowboys football team is known world-wide and thus, their items make great gifts and souvenirs.

    You can shop the Cowboys fan store while in the Dallas area to find the perfect gift for your loved ones.

    Great sport themed souvenirs include purchasing a t shirt, hat, sweatshirt, or cup.

    You can also search for these items online if you don’t have a trip to Texas planned anytime soon.

    Cowboy Hats

    You might as well bring home a cowboy hat with your cowboy boots!

    I mean, nothing embodies the cowboy culture of Texas like this combination.

    If you find yourself in the Dallas area, then you have to visit Wild Bill’s Western Wear to purchase this gift.

    They sell all sorts of cowboy hats ranging from felt Stetson hats to fun straw colored hats for ladies and kids. Not only that, but Wild Bill’s has called Dallas, Texas home for over 60 years!

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    T Shirts

    Loads of people love bringing home t shirts as souvenirs from their travels.

    Lucky for you, Texas has plenty of t shirts to choose from, so you can find them at most shops around the state.

    Baseball Hats

    Baseball caps are another popular souvenir from people’s trip.

    You can get baseball caps that represent college sports teams, major league sports teams, and just general Texas hats.

    Purchasing a baseball hat is one of the best Texas souvenirs that you can grab on your trip.

    Belt Buckles

    Another one of the Texas gifts that you can wear is a belt buckle.

    Honestly, belt buckles are a popular fashion accessory in Texas that many people use to show off their cowboy accomplishments. I say that because many rodeo events give belt buckles as prizes to the winners.

    You can find buckles that showcase all sorts of state inspired themes.

    Like boots and hats, you can find buckles made out of all sorts of metals and colors, making this one of the gifts that is easy to customize.

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    Rodeo Gear

    Texas rodeo gear also makes for fun souvenirs and gifts.

    While visiting Fort Worth or San Antonio, it is easy to find a store that sells rodeo gear.

    San Antonio even has a ProRodeo Gear Shop. This store sells all sorts of rodeo clothing items.

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    Food Related Texas Gifts


    Another of the popular Texas gifts is salsa. In Texas, salsa and it is a delicious mix of tomatoes, spices, and peppers.

    Like Texas barbecue sauce, Texas salsa also comes in different forms.

    Don’t worry though, salsa is easy to find in the Lone Star State.

    You can find salsa at the local grocery store, farmers market, and in small town boutique shops.

    This is another one of those Texas gifts that I would buy in Texas. That way you can taste before buying!

    Hot Sauce

    In addition to great salsa, you can also purchase delicious hot sauce in Texas.

    These little bottles of hot sauce are easy to travel with and make great souvenirs from Texas.

    Barbecue Sauce

    Texas is famous for its barbecue, so it should come as no surprise that barbecue sauce from Texas is one of the popular Texas souvenirs related to food.

    Do note though, the Lone Star State takes its barbecue very seriously and no two sauces are the same.

    This is one of those items I would buy in Texas so that I could sample it first!

    Texas Candies

    The Lone Star State is home to some delicious candy makers as well.

    If you have a loved one with a sweet tooth, then candy is something you can buy in Texas for them.

    For some of the best Texas candies, try out Lammes Candies in Austin.

    Lammes has shops all over Austin and has been in the candy making business since 1885.

    Here you can get some delicious candy and their famous Texas Chewie Pecan Pralines (my personal favorite).

    Another choice is Atkinson Candy Company, who has been producing candy since 1932.

    You could also visit The Great Texas Pecan Candy Company for some delicious Texas gifts that include our Texas pecans.

    Texas Wine

    wine being poured at a wine tasting at one of the best wineries in Fredericksburg

    The Lone Star State has a thriving wine industry.

    There are Texas wineries spread all over the state, so finding these Texas souvenirs are easy.

    One of our favorite road trips is to visit the Texas wineries.

    The area around Fredericksburg, Texas in the Texas Hill Country is considered a wine destination in Texas.

    Some of the best wineries in Fredericksburg will gladly sell you their wine for you to gift or enjoy as a souvenir.

    I mean, a bottle of Texas wine would be the perfect souvenir for me!

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    Texas Pecans

    The state of Texas is one of the top producers of pecans in the world.

    Texans are known to use pecans in all sorts of food items, especially desserts.

    So, it only makes sense that a pecan product would make for a great souvenir from Texas.

    The best part of shopping for food souvenirs is that you get to taste test as you go.

    When driving from Austin to Fredericksburg, you will pass several produce markets on the side of the road.

    Stop in to shop their products. I guarantee you will find something made with pecans.

    Texas Cookbook

    A cookbook is one of the Texas souvenirs that you can continue to use for years to come.

    A great cookbook filled with recipes from The Lone Star State ensures that you can continue to relive your trip with your family.

    Other Texas Souvenirs

    Texas Ornaments and Snow Globes

    Ornaments and snow globes are fabulous gifts.

    You can find ornaments that are in the shape of Texas, the Alamo, longhorns, and more, ensuring that you find the perfect one for you.

    There are also snow globes with the Alamo or other Texas landmarks inside.

    It is always the most fun to search for these items while you are on a Texas weekend getaway, but if you don’t have a trip planned, these are easy to shop for online on a site like Etsy.

    Texas Art

    If you love to decorate with items from your travels, then consider buying a piece of Texas art.

    You can find art that focuses on Texas history, the animals of Texas, and loads of art focusing on the state flower, the Texas bluebonnet.

    Books About Texas

    Books about Texas make great gifts as well. You can find books about Texas small towns, Texas history, Wild West novels and more.

    Bluebonnet Seeds

    field of bluebonnets

    Speaking of the Texas state flower, why not grow some in your own garden?

    Grab a packet of bluebonnet seeds and have your own little Texas flower garden at home.


    I know, this one is simple, but postcards make for great souvenirs.

    There are so many beautiful photos featured on postcards that perfectly capture the beauty and spirit of the state.

    Why not pick up a couple and even mail them off during your trip.

    Texas Shaped Cooking Utensils

    There are several Texas shaped cooking utensils and apparatuses available for purchase.

    Some of the fun Texas items to consider are Texas shaped cookie cutters, waffle irons, and cutting boards.

    These would also make a fun birthday gift for that special person in your life that just loves Texas!


    Many people I know love to collect magnets from their travels.

    Magnets make for a fun and affordable souvenir to keep or give as a gift.

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    Saturday 17th of February 2024

    I still love my Stetson hat I brought home from Texas in the 1990s. Little did I realise that Steton originates from Missouri, oops! It was honestly my second time out of Europe and first time in the United States, and Texas is still one of my favourite places in the US

    Virginia Taylor

    Sunday 13th of November 2022

    OMG, the Blue Bonnet seeds idea is so unique, I love it!! Definitely have to get to Texas soon and pick up a few of these :)


    Sunday 13th of November 2022

    Thank you, Virginia. I bet they will love this gift!


    Saturday 12th of November 2022

    A pleasure to read your article! I have been to Austin and absolutely loved it! Will have to get back there to get some salsa and pecans!! Thanks for a great read?


    Sunday 13th of November 2022

    Thank you so much, Jody! I hope you get to explore other parts of the state also!


    Sunday 24th of July 2022

    Love them all! Actually brought a Stetson hat home many years ago, still love it!


    Monday 25th of July 2022

    That is so fun! I love it!

    Catherine - Savvy Family Travel

    Sunday 17th of July 2022

    Where else would anyone want to buy cowboy boots?! I shouldn't have read this while hungry. I hope someone can bring me some Texas BBQ sauce soon. yummm.


    Sunday 17th of July 2022

    Those are all really great choices for sure!