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Garrison Brothers Bourbon Distillery: 6 Reasons to Visit

Many people drive up and down Highway 290 on their way between Johnson City and Fredericksburg, and all together miss the small town of Hye, Texas.

Well, my friends, don’t let that happen to you. Not only will you miss out on some great Texas wineries, but you will also miss out on one of my favorite distilleries in Texas, the Garrison Brothers Bourbon Distillery.

Founded in 2006, Garrison Brothers Bourbon Distillery is the first legal whiskey distillery in Texas, so it would be a shame to not have it on your list of places to visit in Texas!

Garrison Brothers Distillery is akin to a fun Texas-style adult playground where you can learn all about the Garrison Brothers bourbon whiskey production and taste some of the best bourbon whiskey produced in Texas (in my opinion).

Let’s dive into all of the reasons you should visit the Garrison Brothers Distillery on your next weekend getaway to the Texas Hill Country!

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    Reasons to Visit the Garrison Brothers Distillery in Hye, Texas

    1. Garrison Brothers is the First Bourbon Distillery in the Lone Star State

    Sign designating Garrison Brothers as the first legal whiskey distillery in Texas

    How cool is it to thing that you incorporated a piece of Texas history into one of your Texas road trips?

    Well, that is exactly what you will do when you add a trip to the small town of Hye, Texas, to your list and stop in at the Garrison Brothers Distillery.

    The Founder of Garrison Brothers, Dan Garrison, trailblazed the whiskey scene when he became one of the first bourbon distillery outside of Kentucky to produce handmade bourbon whiskey, and the first legal whiskey distillery in Texas.

    Just experiencing this part of history is reason number one to visit the Garrison Brothers Distillery.

    2. Tour the Facility and Learn How Garrison Brothers Distillery Operates

    Whiskey Barrels at Garrison Brothers bourbon distillery

    Creating bourbon whiskey in the Texas heat proved to be a challenge with the first batch of bourbon being ruined.

    But, determination and persistence won when Dan Garrison decided to have the barrels for his bourbon whiskey custom made to withstand the scorching Texas summers.

    This is just one of the stories you will hear when you tour the Garrison Brother Distillery.

    Learning how Garrison Brothers takes creates their whiskey from a sweet mash bill to a beautiful bottle of bourbon is such an incredible experience.

    Of course, you can also combine your Garrison Brothers Distillery tour with a tasting to get the best of both worlds.

    The Garrison Brothers Distillery Tour and Tasting Package takes guest on a 2.5 hour tour.

    The distillery tour takes approximately 90 minutes and teaches you the process involved in creating Garrison Brothers bourbon whiskey.

    This unique tour showcases the bourbon whiskey making process from the grain, the sweet mash bill, into the whiskey barrel, and all the way to the hand dipped bottle.

    It’s truly a cool experience to see the bourbon being aged and to witness everything that goes into this great brand.

    After the Garrison Brothers Distiller tour, guests are then taken to the Hye Reserve Bar for a some of Garrison Brothers best bourbon whiskey, including, Guadalupe, Laguna Madre, Cowboy Bourbon, and Balmorhea.

    Take note that the majority of the tour takes place outside, so dress accordingly!

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    3. Taste Garrison Brothers Whiskey and Cocktails

    Garrison Brothers boubon flight

    Garrison Brothers bourbon whiskey is not just any bourbon.

    It’s flavor is unique with a taste that is distinct to the heavenly Hye area.

    Each bottle of whiskey has a distinct flavor profile depending on how its aged.

    I think that I what I love so much about Garrison Brothers whiskey.

    During you visit to the Garrison Brothers Distillery, you can have the opportunity to taste some straight bourbon whiskey and see for yourself.

    Try one of the whiskey flights. These flights allow you to sample four different Garrison Brothers flavors. This tasting will allow you to easily see which bourbon whiskey you prefer.

    If you really want to see why Garrison Brother isn’t just any bourbon, then you have to reserve the Hye Reserve Tasting during your visit.

    This is tasting allows you to taste some of the most distinct straight bourbon whiskey flavor profiles created at Garrison Brothers Distillery.

    Of course, if sipping straight bourbon whiskey isn’t your thing, Garrison Brothers Distillery also offers up an expansive list of whiskey cocktails.

    You can get everything from a traditional old fashioned cocktail to a fun frozen Dr. Pepper with a shot of bourbon whiskey; both of which are personal favorites of mine!

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    4. Enjoy the Texas Ranch Atmosphere

    Another thing I love about visiting Garrison Brothers is the fun, laid back atmosphere of the ranch.

    The minute you arrive on the property you know that you are deep in the heart of Texas!

    Their Hill Country location surrounds you on this 68-acre working ranch.

    The authentic western decor allows you to feel the Texas ranch spirit, and the big, bold flavors of the bourbon whiskey produced by Garrison Brothers only enhances it.

    Grab a friend and hang out with a glass of bourbon whiskey or a whiskey cocktail while listening to live music or just enjoying some peace and quiet in the Texas Hill Country.

    Guests can enjoy the ranch property for a day or an hour, it is entirely up to you.

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    5. Purchase Unique Garrison Brothers Merchandise and Bottles

    Garrison Brothers distillery is part of the Texas whiskey trail

    Of course, guests are invited to visit the onsite gift shop as well during their visit.

    Here you will find loads of items for sale.

    Their stock of hats and t-shirts make the perfect gift to take home with you, or, of course, you can purchase a bottle or two of bourbon whiskey in the shop as well.

    I love that the gift shop offers so many of the bourbon bottles for sale.

    You can choose to purchase a bottle of their small batch whiskey if you would like.

    The small batch whiskey combines bourbon that has been aged at least three years in the barrel to create a bold, and distinct flavor profile.

    Their small batch bourbon is released every year and is for sale in the gift shop.

    Of course, you can’t go wrong with a good single barrel bourbon whiskey as well. Guests can buy a bottle of single barrel bourbon also.

    No matter what bottles you choose to purchase, you can’t go wrong with Garrison Brothers bourbon whiskey.

    The best part is, you can enjoy get your bottles delivered if you need to.

    Of course, you have to pay for shipping, but it will be worth it when you increase your whiskey stock at home!

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    6. Enjoy a Wide Variety of Stock

    bar at Garrison Brothers

    Of course, the stock available for purchase at the distillery is another of the great reasons to visit Garrison Brothers.

    The American white oak barrel aging process used at Garrison Brothers Distiller is apparent in so many of their whiskeys, but especially their Garrison Brothers Single Barrel Bourbon.

    The Garrison Brothers Single Barrel Bourbon has a distinct taste because of the American White Oak Barrel it is aged in, each bottle unique to the Lone Star State.

    The Texas heat contributes to the unique flavor of Garrison Brothers Single Barrel Whiskey giving it long legs, and a unique single barrel flavor profile.

    The nose give off hints of vanilla and butterscotch, making this bottle truly out of this world!

    I love that you can buy a Flight in a Box of the Garrison Brothers Single Barrel bourbon.

    This allows you to try two different bottles of Garrison Brothers Single Barrel bourbon in a single box. Now, that is what life dreams are made of!

    Another unique flavor that just must be tasted is the Garrison Brothers Cowboy Bourbon.

    Bottled from Dan and Donni’s favorite barrels, Cowboy Bourbon is simply some of the best bottles you have ever tasted.

    After the barrels are chose by Dan and Donni, they are set aside for a couple more years to become even more aged, then the liquid is uncut and unfiltered, creating bottles of delicious bourbon.

    Just remember, if you purchase a bottle of Garrison Brothers Single Barrel Bourbon or Cowboy Bourbon, please drink responsibly.

    A bottle of Cowboy Bourbon is 134.8 proof!

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